Chip Bracelet - Amethyst

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Extremely powerful and protective stone with a super high vibration. Amethyst guards against psychic attacks, turning the negative energy into love. Amethyst helps with stress and negative environments. It is a mind-calming stone, leaving you feeling more focused and in control. Amethyst is good for memory and motivation, it can help you remember and understand dreams. Dispelling anger, rage, fear and anxiety, it supports coming to terms with different types of loss.

Healing: Hormone production, strengthening of immune system, stress relief, eases headaches and releases tension, reduction of bruising, injuries and swelling, treats hearing disorders.

Use: Wear or place as appropriate. Clusters/Geodes can be placed in any room. Points can be used for healing/meditation. Place point towards you  to draw off energy. Especially beneficial worn over the throat or heart. Place under pillow to help with insomnia and nightmares. Amethyst fades in sunlight.

Reference: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall; page 53